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Queuing up, everyone knows that they have to queue up in line whenever they are in a queue area such as in a groceries store, at the train station, at the airport, or at a ticket desk. However, nowadays, people often forget about the etiquette of queuing and standing in line in their daily life. As many Taylorians would know, especially at the Taylor’s shuttle bus stop located at Block B, Level 1, most of the students do not line up when they are getting on the shuttle bus. So why is it that some people cannot resist themselves from cutting in line? Why is it so hard for them to wait for their turn? Here are some tips and rules that you should check them out when queuing up. 1. Be patient and wait for your turn Always be patient…show more content…
Others will not be happy about it when you take up your previous place in the line after you went to the washroom or leave the line. Therefore, before you enter a queue, make sure you have gone to the loo so that you won’t disturb the line from trying to get out. 5. Respect each other Try not to stand body-to-body when you are in a queue, as it will cause discomfort and uneasiness in others. When you are in line, queue up by not making too much noise, as it will affect the other person’s feeling, especially when they have been waiting for a long time in the line. If you are a smoker, please respect the others and do not light it up when you are in a queue. So why cutting lines when you know you are not supposed to? Always remember the etiquette of queuing as everyone loves a good queue. “Usually, adults teach their children on how to behave and teach them how to properly line up for a queue,” said the Counsellor of the Counselling and Psychological Services Centre (CPSC) Evan Kok Choon Foong. “However, it seem like the adults need to be taught by the adults now,” Kok

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