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Erik The Red Before Eric was a sailor/viking he was a murderer. Eric the Red was born in 950 in Norway and died in 1003 in Greenland. “Eric and Father had to move from Norway and go to iceland because one of them had been involved in some killings”World Book .Both Eric and his father were murderer’s. Eric’s father’s name was Thorvald Asvaldsson who died in iceland. In this paragraph i'm going to be talking about Eric’s new life. Erik The Red is known for colonizing Greenland and a intanted quest. Eric’s voyage took three years. Eric The Red also had a son who was also a famous explorer. One day Eric was on his horse when he fell , after that he refused to go on a journey. Eric Married a woman named Thjodhildr…show more content…
Like I said in The previous paragraph Eric’s journey took three years it was from 982-985. Eric The Red sailed from iceland to Greenland. Eric The Red sailed through the Atlantic Ocean.When Eric The Red found Greenland he was forty seven years old so when he began his journey he was only forty four. Eric The Red sailed for the country iceland. In this paragraph i’m going to talk about one of Eric The Red’s sons. The son that i’m going to talk about is Leif Erikson son of Eric The Red. Something thats really to me is thats “Eric’s son Leif brought christianity to the new land Greenland , altho his own son leif had brought christianity to the new land Eric stayed true to his pagan gods” World book . Leif Ericson died in 1020 , the cause of his death : unone . Eric The Red had three more sons/daughters , Freydis Eiriksdottir , Thorold Erikson , and Thorstein Erikson . In this paragraph i’m going to talk about the disease/illness that killed Eric The Red. The disease/illness that killed Eric is called Terminal illness. Terminal illness is a illness that can't be cured or treated. When people get the terminal they usually have only six months or less ! Some of the feelings you can feel during the terminal illness are shock, fear, anger, resentment, denial, helplessness, sadness ,frustration ,relief and

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