How Does Poppy Change Throughout The Novel

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Analyzing how Poppy changes over the course of the novel is important because it portrays the growth of individual’s human life in reality. There are many inner struggles and emotions Poppy went through to become stronger. Poppy is about overcoming fear through the progress of questioning, doubting, observing, learning or realizing, and standing alone. This progress is carried throughout the journey from chapter to chapter and changes Poppy from a coward to a courageous character. To understand how Poppy changes, we must understand what Poppy was like in the beginning of the story. Although Poppy is the main character of the novel, Poppy was a faint presence introduced after the antagonist of the story—Mr. Ocax. She was first introduced as “a timid companion” of Ragweed (3). Here, describing her as a timid companion matches with Poppy perfectly because Poppy becomes a weak coward whenever she relies or stays with someone throughout the novel. For example, when she was with her dad, Lungwort,…show more content…
She had a fear of being blamed by her family and she had a fear of failure or a miserable life, but her fear of doing nothing was greater than any of those that she could decide to move on regardless of the dangers she went through in chapter nine (On Her Way). This decision was a transitional moment of Poppy changing direction from being a coward to a courageous one. Later, it also leads Poppy to meet Ereth who gave her a lesson that she should overcome her fear but not let it overcome her life through this quote—“Just because you are scared of someone doesn’t mean you have to believe him” (101). Poppy realized that what she had been taught so far was false, which broadened her perspective to see the

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