Daniel Pink's Three Laws Of Mastery

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The most important part of life is learning in which human beings spent so much of their time in their educational activities that it drives them to be successful in life. Mastery is the desire to get better and better at something that matters; it contains three laws of mastery that guides the students to be successful in their academic and professional goals. Mastery is a mindset that requires to see your abilities not as finite, but infinitely improbable, a pain that requires efforts and practices, and it is like an asymptote that is nearly approachable and almost touching, but can never be touched. Generally, students want to get better at their work because it makes them feel better. Striving to get better outcomes help the students to…show more content…
Students have different reactions towards all details and aspects. The same way in learning we cannot expect the same learning ability from each students under the same condition, in which programs, workshops and teachers are there to unite students about their learnings that will provide a better performance especially for those who are in needs of their academic attention. These programs will provide services and resources that will promote academic success, it will enable students to recognize their mistakes, and it will develop some of the student’s particular skills. In the book of Drive by Daniel Pink, he states that, “Deliberate practice has one objective: to improve performance". In other words he believe that a person will improve his capabilities by practicing and never give up for something a person would want to have. Practice makes improvements in which being a student and knowing his flaws will increase his perseverance to face his flaws in order for him to be better. Being academically incline students need help like tutoring services, teacher’s way of teaching, programs, and workshops that available for them to master particular subject matters. Therefore, when a student strives to a particular learning he will realize that doing so will benefit his capabilities for success. According to Daniel Pink, “Being professional is doing the…show more content…
Setting motivational goals that are realistic in terms of education, career aspirations and life's desires make students to strive for success and move forward without any alternative ideas. Pink writes that, "When the reward is the activity itself--deepening learning, delighting customers, doing ones best--there are no shortcuts." He states that when setting one's goals a student must be responsible in his actions because reaching for goals sometimes will have obstacles along the way which requires patience and learning. To overcome obstacles a students must work hard to aim goals in life. For example, a student wants to be a doctor someday when he grow up, if a student worked hard towards his goals it will happen by making it to reality. Therefore, when a student set goals it motivates to work hard and be responsible with actions. As a college student I learned how to set my goals in life by having SEP or students educational plan which serves as a reference where I’m right now and what things needs to be done and achieves in the future studies, but every goals has it obstacles that will stop from reaching ones goals. It may not be easy for me to reach it but it will serves a learning factor for me to move forward and work hard for

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