Enriquillo Rebellion Research Paper

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The moment the europeans arrived to America they knew that enslaving the native americans was going to be really easy. They saw them as inferiors judging them by there flaws, but mostly by their lack of education. Throughout history, many figures like Christopher Columbus, Bartolome de Las Casas and Pope Paul III have written about the enslavement of the native americans by the europeans. All of them evidence, in one way or another, how the europeans believed they were superior to the native americans and how this perception was the result of a combination of elements such as racial differences, lack of formal education, their ignorance about christianity, having a less structured social organization, among others. It is, indeed, a fact that this perception was real and that it was the cause of the many abuses that took place in the colonization process. This believe they had about being superior, almost caused the extinction of all the natives americans of the New World. Christopher Columbus sought a…show more content…
The Indians felt they were equal to the colonist and that they deserved to be treated as humans which is why this abuse caused many rebellions. One of the most notorious one was the Enriquillo rebellion. Enriquillo was a Taíno Cacique who rebelled against the Spaniards from 1519 to 1533. His long rebellion is the best known for the early Caribbean period and he is considered a hero of indigenous resistance for those in the modern Dominican Republic. His father was killed while attending peace talks with the Spanish, along with eighty other regional chieftains under the direction of his aunt Anacaona in Jaragua. With this event we can see how the europeans looked at them like they were nothing and wouldn't listen to them not even negotiate and that the only way to stop them from treating like inferiors was fighting for their

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