Telémakhos In The Odyssey

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Telémakhos is just now turning into a young adult and is rather small compared to the other men in his home country. He is Lord Odysseus’ son and is very curious as to his father’s whereabouts after he left over twenty years ago to fight in the Trojan War. Everyone believes Lord Odysseus died while he was on his passage to return home from the war. Suitors are now coming into Telémakhos’ home to marry his mother Penelope. Telémakhos is frustrated by this because he is not yet big enough to overpower the suitors. Telémakhos decides to gather up a crew and set off from home in search of information about his father. Little did he know that this was going to be harder then he thought. He could not do this alone. On page 21 of the Odyssey it says…show more content…
Telémakhos told the suitors to let him find out what happened to his father, have a proper funeral and then one could marry his mother. Without the proper course of action Odysseus’ death is not confirmed, in return Penelope is not a widowed wife. Telémakhos first needed a crew and a ship to sail off. In the Odyssey Telémakhos said “But give me a fast ship and a crew of twenty who will see me through the voyage, out and back. I’ll go to sandy Pylos, then to Sparta, for news of father”. Telémakhos is determined to find his father, but he could not have done it without Athena. The goddess Athena later that day disguised herself as Telémakhos and convinced men to meet at night at the ship, then went to Telémakhos disguised back as his mentor and told him his crew was ready at the oars. It was she who brought the plan together, without her Telémakhos would have no crew. They then went to Pylos where Telémakhos met Nestor first, but Nestor did not know of Odysseus fate after the Trojan…show more content…
Nestor even gave Telémakhos a horse and cart to get there and sent his son Peisístratos with him. Meneláos could tell Telémakhos what had become to his father up to a certain point but once he finished that point he was no longer knowledgably of where Odysseus had went afterwards. Meneláos told Telémakhos of how he was stranded at sea and rescued by a god, but while the god saved him he asked if any survivors made it home. The god had told Meneláos how Odysseus had been held captive by a nymph named Kalypso. In one way Telémakhos had to be thrilled to hear this but he does not know if his father is dead or alive and still trapped on Kalypso’s island. Telémakhos finally found what had happened to his father thanks to an old friend and comrade of his father’s Meneláos, but now Telémakhos must sail home and give the people of Ithaka and the suitors the news. The news that his father was not confirmed deceased but rather captive by a

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