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Nature vs. Nurture- Out Of The Depths Out of the Depths, an autobiographical work by former chief Rabbi Lau, is the harrowing tale of a boy's survival and triumph over the evils of the Nazi Regime. Although the book is a holocaust story, fewer than thirty pages are spent discussing his experiences during the holocaust. Instead, Rabbi Lau eloquently depicts the events that shaped him in the aftermath of the holocaust, his teachers, role models and mentors. Rabbi Lau tells his story of survival and of triumph, presenting a very personal view of a man larger than life. Yet, Rabbi Lau does not see his success as his own, rather he sees three major figures and groups as central in forming his identity. These three groups, his brother, mentors, and teachers and G-d almighty were responsible for his survival and success. By suggesting that his tremendous power, personality and life…show more content…
First and foremost, his brother Naphtali, who not only saved his life, protected him and guided him to Eretz Yisrael but even risked his own life on multiple occasions to save “Lulek.” Rabbi Lau notes on several occasions, places where he was close to death and was saved by the chance of his circumstance and the presence of his brother. While less obvious, Rabbi Chaim Moshe Lau, Rabbi Lau’s father had an equally tremendous impact on the life of Rabbi Lau and the path he took in life. Had Rabbi Lau not been descended from 37 generations of famous and influential Rabbis, it is doubtful whether Rabbi Lau would have been motivated to become a Rav or would have received the unique privileges and opportunities which he did. Even his public speaking ability, Rabbi Lau writes, came from his father, a gifted public speaker. In this way, Rabbi Lau views his parents, grandparents and siblings as part of his person at all times, shaping and forming him into who he

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