Endless Cycle Of Poverty Research Paper

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The Endless Cycle of Poverty The reality of poverty is a controversial topic that people tend to avoid, it is the elephant in the room. The devastating truths of poverty will reappear countless of times, yet people choose to ignore them. Poverty does not discriminate, it can affect a group of individuals or even just an individual. There are social/political dynamics that take play in the endless cycle of poverty. These dynamics can range from life’s mundane affairs all the way to issues that people purposely to ignore. An individual’s specific circumstance can definitely considered when it comes to the complexities of poverty. It may be the 21st century, but an individual’s race, gender, origins, appearance, health, etc. can definitely be one of the many foundations for poverty. Without these individualistic characteristics, it would be a challenge to isolate the precise source of poverty. Although researchers have not been able to pinpoint the root of poverty, these qualities an individual may have are very prevalent to the topic of poverty.…show more content…
According to Budlender, the one problem of determining poverty, when it comes to gender, it is usually measured at a household level rather than an individual level. This muddles the majority of women who are in male-headed households. Therefore, it does not consider the ways that females, from a male-headed household, suffer which a female in a female-head household would not face. Such as the lack control/access to the funds of the household (30-31.) This predicament is supported through Loretta Swartz-Nobel’s story on “America’s Wandering Family.” “I get three hundred fifty dollars a month from my husband whenever he remembers… I only had twenty-nine cents left yesterday and we were really hungry. I mean like really

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