Abortion Poem By Anne Sexton Essay

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In contrast, the Abortion poem by Anne Sexton deals with a woman’s reflection on her decision to terminate her pregnancy. The symbolism of the poem is the landscape. The narrator uses it to develop an important theme in the text, which helps the reader to see how the journey back differs from began and linked to a depth of emotion, a deep sadness and sense of loss. In my view, the landscape provided the idea that the mother feels guilty that she has killed her child, and she thinks about the thing she has done between her trips. “Somebody who should have been born is gone” The poem opens very strong. ‘Somebody’ is the person; it is very powerful word, which linked to the idea that a person who could have grown into a child crayoning cats with…show more content…
“Like a crayoned cat, its green hair”. As the infants would able to paint a crayoned cat as its green hair with the innocent feeling when they grow up. The ‘green colour’ also uses to develop an idea of landscape as the green colour can also represent the trees covered the humps of the mountain. However, the images of the poem provided that the mother killed the child e.g. “its roads sunken in like a grey washboard”. The symbolism of landscape as the road suggests the loss through her flat stomach, which also influenced me to think about the mother’s feeling, she is possibly regretted, as she would not be able to keep her child in her womb. In the term of human right issue, I think no one can decide who is going to live or die. Even though you are the mother. I think that the short-term thinking of the character may damage the opportunity or future of one person. Furthermore, “the ground cracks evilly”. Evilly is a strong adverb, which suggests the moral dilemma of choosing to kill the baby. It forces herself to confront the truth of what she has done is echoed in the phrase “you coward” It challenged me to think about the narrator's attempt to show what is the character’s

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