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Vice President Biden Gives Campaign-Like Speech of Oregon Massacre in New York City With speculation on whether Vice President Joe Biden will jump into the 2016 Democratic field for president, the unannounced candidate was in New York giving a speech at the Concordia Summit. His hour long speech didn’t touch on his candidacy future but gave a campaign-like speech that touted his political career. However the Vice President focused his speech on the recent grim news of the massacre shooting at an Oregon Community College that left ten people confirmed dead and seven injured so far. "We're basically the only civilized country in the world where we have these massive murders," Biden said echoing President Obama’s statement. During the President statement, Obama stated “this is something we should politicize” as he talked about the need for stronger gun control laws. The president also…show more content…
“The second Amendment doesn’t say you can own a bazooka, it doesn’t say you can own an F-15 with hellfire missile.” He added that there is the ability for the government to limit this type of weapon that is available. With limited information provided to the public on the specifics of the shooting, Biden said to the crowd that he bets the choice of weapon used by the shooter was a semi-automatic or an automatic weapon. “My guess is, I’m prepared to bet you that it was a semi-automatic weapon used for so many people to be shot in such a short amount of time,” Biden said. Talking about the dysfunction in Congress in regards to gun control legislation, Biden points out the reason how Congress is holding back on sensible gun control. Weeks after the last tragedic mass shooting event that occurred in 2012 in Sandy Hook Elementary where 26 people including 20 children were killed, Biden was the point person on negotiating an universal background-check bill. The bill ultimately died in

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