Elyana Starfall: A Short Story

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The weapon is a heavy warglaive that with it’s massive weight prevents the use of a shield. Requiring two hands to wield. Crafted long ago, imbued with secrets of extinct knowledge. It serves as a relic of the holocaust that once reaped the high elves, leaving but a handful behind. Elyana Starfall, last of her bloodline. Served more than once in the vanguard, in countless battles. Of more than one war. Wields that blade. It is the zeal of her conviction, just like the armor that she has claded herself into. Her armor shines bright of mithril, masterfully forged by the Quel’Dorei. Basked in the light of the sunwell. The relentless servitude has left dents and deep scratches of countless battles. But still the mastercrafted metal shines, bright…show more content…
Skin pure like ivory and smooth like silk. The sorrow and war has not changed her eyes one bit. Her emotions don’t reflect out to the outside one bit. Her hair and brows, shine golden like the cobs of wheat in the summer sun. Eyes mercurial, glowing blue. The only arcane coursing through them is the conviction to channel order to magic. Hunt those who do not. Her right ear is long with a sharp point. Her left one however. It is torn by claw-marks, reminding more of ravaged gnoll ear. Following from her torn ear all the way to the edges of her nose, the skin is scarred almost half-an-inch deep. Ruining the beauty in her face. She could consider herself lucky that her eye wasn’t gouged out. Still she is always equipped with a faint mellow smile. A smile that reflects the grace and beauty of her noble race. She only ever gives a brighter smile when she has the opportunity to carry out the sweet judgement of hunting unlawful mages. Or something worse... This is not all there is to her character. A keen eye can pick out a jewel hanging from her neck with a thin silvery chain that defies logic. A bright azure gem hangs, captured by a luminous mithril cage. It radiates the brighter light, the darker the night

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