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2. Parinibb?nakath? 1. Thereafter, the Master having delivered (pariyatti?) Dhamma for forty five years, having pulled out tractable people from Samsara by the gaining of four noble path and fruits, established on Nibbana, latter, connected to the city Vesali, staying closed to tree (pagoda?) Chapala, invited by Mara for grate passing away, released life (faculty) ? kammas mindful understanding. Only venerable Ananda knew His release (emancipation). There was no any other person who knew this. Therefore, having thought ?I will inform to (other monks) elders too? and gone to having made gathers all the community of monks, said: dear bhikkhu, the emancipation of the Buddha will be soon after three months, you having reconciled on thirty seven factors of accessory for enlightenment, please be solitude, you, please don?t do argues. And having said: ?Please obtain three trainings immediately, in the following day, wondered for alms at Vesali, having turn back from the wondering for alms, went to the village Bhanda (the store-room.) He attained from the village Bhanda went to the village of elephant, from the village of elephant to the village of Mango, from the village of mango to the village of Fambu, from the village of fambu to the…show more content…
That time, the Nagaraja called Jayasena, having heard the passing away of the blessed one, (having thought)Today I will see the last seen (of the Buddha), having taken a great group of Nagas, gone to Kusinara, having done the greatest offerings, stood for one side, having seen the relic placed between two legs having taken it by the supernatural power of brought to the palace of Nagas, in the middle of the city of Naga kept inside of the Ratanakha pagoda. That Mahinda thera whose student of Mahadeva in the time of king Kakawannatissa in Thambapanni, having gone to Naga world, having taken the right tooth relic, brought to Seru city in Tambapanni, having built a pagoda in between the rocks of Seru city of Giri Abhaya kept (its

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