Electromec Engineering Enterprises Case Study

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ELECTROMEC Engineering Enterprises is one of the leading manufacturers of the transformers and its components. Established in 1988 as a small company Electromec has grown up in manufacturing transformers up to 10 MVA, 66 kV class. In addendum to this ELECTROMEC are adept in the repairing and reconditioning of distribution & power transformers ranging from 25 KVA-kV to 10 MVA-66 kV class. At Electromec they produce transformers as per National and International Standards i.e. Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS), International Electro Technical Institute (IEC), ANSI etc. Electromec aiming to be prominent major player in the field of transformer manufacturing, Power transmission and power distribution at one stop shop solution provider. Constantly…show more content…
Transformer tanks are fabricated in fabrication section, fabrication include cutting of sheets, straightening, bending, welding of sheets and parts of tank. It has three sub sections in fabrication –sheet cutting, machine shop, welding shop. Machine shop has following machines- CNC automation machine- it is used for cutting metal according to design automatically. Specification microprocessor control system are- Model FINCUT DP, Input voltage 220v, Rail garage 3500mm, Rail length 10000mm & total power 5000VA. Pneumatic Searing machine- it is used to cut large sheets and thick sheets. Machine holds the sheet firmly as pressure is given through compressor. The pressure is being set manually & provided with pneumatic clutch brake. Punch press- that is used to cut different shapes on sheet by using different sies. Bend hydraulic machine- that machine is used to bend sheets without any distortion. These machines are known for sturdiness, higher efficiency & reliability. It could bend sheets at 90 degree. Rolling machine- that is used to straightened or roll the sheets as per production requirement. Roll could be at any extent. After cutting of sheets, they are introduced into it for

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