Comparing The French And Egyptian Versions Of Cinderella

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What many people are unaware of is that Cinderella story has a numerous amount of versions. Most versions have similar features but also some are slightly different. The most common version is the French story of Cinderella. This is the story most Americans are familiar with. The French and Egyptian versions of Cinderella both experience a stage of mistreatment, where they both soon overcome by the help of their god mother, too soon reach happily ever after. In both stories Cinderella faces a brutal stage of being mistreated. In the French and Egyptian story Cinderella was basically considered a servant. She was often times left to tend the house by herself with no help. Cinderella had mean prideful stepsisters that wanted to make her feel bad about herself. In the French version for example “When she had done her work, she used to go to the chimney corner ant down there in the cinders and ashes which causes her to be Cinderwench” (Perrault). Both French and Egyptian stories Cinderella was a servant to her household day in and day out. The stepsisters made Cinderella feel like she was not pretty and less important than the rest of the sisters.…show more content…
Cinderella wanted to attend the ball that everyone was invited to. Her stepmother insisted that Cinderella did not go because that would be an embarrassment to the family and also herself. “It would make the people laugh to see a Cinderwench at a ball.” (Perrault). Implying that Cinderella would make a fool of herself if she were to attend this ball. This actually hurt Cinderella’s feelings to the point that she began to cry. Despite the mean things her stepmother and sisters said she still helped them get ready for the ball. She tried her best to ensure that they looked presentable doing their hair and makeup. Soon the time had come when everyone was at the ball but Cinderella was left at home by herself…so she

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