Arep Zul Bank Case Study

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bank also can use tac num technology to avoid fraud in transaction or online banking.. Yesterday at 1:14am · Unlike · 1 Arep Zul bank can provide others services to customer that can make them more easier to used and to do a transaction..ex:fast money transfer within bank or to other bank and immediate transfer within a bank Yesterday at 1:18am · Unlike · 1 Arep Zul bank also can do a mobile apps for the android and ios to gain competitive advantage with others banks.. Yesterday at 1:20am · Edited · Unlike · 1 Arep Zul the electronic system that the bank using..ex: no need to fill the form for do any transaction either withdraw money or save money in bank account ..only bring the debit card to the counter to do any transaction.. Yesterday at 1:26am · Unlike · 1 Arep Zul thats all for tonight..tmorrow i wll try to give some ideas..thanks.. Yesterday at 1:27am · Unlike · 1 Pushparani Peraisamy Thx Zul Arep Yesterday at 1:29am · Like · 1…show more content…
Yesterday at 2:27am · Like Shalu Segaran Based on my opinion,CIMB also provide trade services to the traders.CIMB bank offer both conventional and Islamic trade financing services,supported by wide network of branches which grow across the border.The traders will feel convenience and trade at good price by just access CIMB online banking.The power of technology will make customer's life more convenience. Yesterday at 2:38am · Like Krisnapriya Mahendran CIMB provides such services like Autobills.This is an online service by CIMB Bank for merchants to process and keep track of their customers recurring payments via credit card. Auto Bill benefit merchants in the way of * fast and secured payments from customers. *guaranteed settlement for approved transactions from the

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