Edna's Transformation In The Awakening

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The Awakening, originally titled A Solitary Soul,l written by Kate Chopin was published in the year 1898. The novel explores “awakening” of Edna Pontellier, a twenty-eight-year-old housewife and mother of two.The novel is her transformation from meek and quiet, to a free-spirited, self-loving woman, who can’t see to get her depression unwraps. The novel revolves around the prospect of individually and freedom which affects media emotionally, socially and mentally. Ultimately the novel reveals that to be happiest you must ignore convention and to behave according to your own individual beliefs and impulses, unfortunately it is easier said than done and Edna finds herself on an emotional rollercoaster, fighting for one’s own empowerment can lead…show more content…
The novel takes place during the 19th century in New Orleans., not only that but they were perceived as upper-middle class. A class that lived by the unspoken rules of dressing, expression and social roles, something that Chopin, fortunately, didn’t have to fight so hard for.. The Awakening takes place in a society with particularly prudent unspoken rules. Edna tried desperately to fight against them, just as many women in the 19th century did. During this time was when the second phase of the women's movement started. The women's movement was primarily concerned with making the political, social, and economic status of women equal to that of men and with establishing legislative safeguards against discrimination on the basis of gender. Edna’s fight for her “awakening” of the inequality between men and women was man a literal as possible to shed light on what was happening in the lives of many women in the real world, in the fact that she literally awoke from a coma to find herself seeking…show more content…
Her husband doesn't treat her well looking at her as if she is a “... piece of personal property which has suffered some damage. He lacks a personal relationship with her, using her to keep his social standing. Here in this home she is the representation of a repressed woman. Someone who has never experienced the true meaning of self-improvement. She is the poster child of social roles. She has no clue that she is being treated with so little dignity, but the fact that she is being ignored leads her to spend more time with another man, named Robert. It is not until she and Robert separate that she becomes awaken and she learns of her mental relationship with Robert. In this house, she realizes her mistake in marrying her husband, that it was purely an accident and stats to see the problems in the marriages of people around her. The first house represents the freedom in being trapped, even though she can’t fully express herself she can live a life with those she loves and people in her society. When she realizes this she move out of their home together and into the pigeon

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