Edmund Burke Conservatism Summary

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Burke’s view of human nature represents a criticism of liberalism because it overestimates man’s nature. In other words, according to Conservatism, Liberalism has an unrealistic view of human nature. The view Liberalism has of human nature is that human beings are naturally good creatures or they can be made good if their social circumstances are improved. In other words, human beings are self-serving creatures only interested in advancing their station in life. This in turn, makes society a group of self-seeking people competing against each other only being kept in line by government. On the other hand, Edmund Burke viewed people as mutually dependent on one another. Individuals are only important as members of the social order, they are not just isolated actors, as liberalism would have us believe. Burke did not believe people were self-interested creatures. What is more, the general public is made up of more than just a group of greedy individuals. According to Burke, society is a living and changing organism that will continue after the present population passes away. The human life is short…show more content…
Both Conservatism and liberalism believe man does not live on an island by himself. Be that as it may, Conservatism accept the inevitable inequalities as a fact of life. The social fabric is what it is. People do not create society, rather society shapes and molds people. Society will endure and the institutions and traditions that come from that society help to keep mankind on the straight and narrow. As a result, where Liberalism suggest that people are driven by their passions, Burke, on the other hand, states that institutions are designed to keep the peoples passions in check. Conservatism holds that society cannot be remade for scratch at the whims of the current generation. Moreover, any attempt to change it will result in depravation of

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