Fast Food Nation By Eric Shlosser

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Many people enjoy eating fast food rather than taking time to make fresh and healthy food at home. Why? Fast food is affordable and convenient. Fast food has become a part of our daily life. Many people don’t think before eating fast food. They don’t even take the time to think what it has or what it does not have? In the book Fast Food Nation, by Eric Schlosser he mentions that the whole experience of buying fast food has become a routine which is extremely true. Fast food has become a major part of today’s society and culture. Many people blame fast food restaurants for problems like obesity. We all see that these foods are high in sodium, fat, sugar, low in minerals, and vitamins. What people don’t see is that even though it is tasty it contains many chemicals to make the food last longer and tasty.…show more content…
Americans now spend more money on fast food than on higher education, and personal computers. It surprises me that people don’t even have the time to cook at home, but rather they go to fast food restaurants and spend money each day on food which is very unhealthy for their body. Today, “the typical American consumes approximately three hamburgers and four orders of French fries every week”. That is the reason why fast food restaurants get blamed for problems like obesity. Even though the restaurants provide salads in there menu, people still choose to buy hamburgers or cheeseburgers because they are inexpensive. The healthy food is expensive in many of the fast food

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