Blind Optimism In Tin Man, And Cowardly Lion

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The scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion all seem to have a sense of blind optimism and an almost unwavering hope towards a goal that in my opinon that they already had. I really don't understand their motivations and their immediate sympathy and desire to help Dorothy. I mean, let's take the scarecrow for example. The thing wants a brain yet has motor function and still knew how to get apple's from those talking trees? Why does he need a brain? I literally don't understand that. I mean even this "Cowardly Lion" clearly had no problem jumping out and attempting to scare three strangers in his forrest. I mean, clearly that lion has some courage and the things he proclaims that he wants to do with his courage, doesn't quite make me think that he should have any more courage. That's like giving a bully some steroids so that he can pick on people in a better way. The Tin Man wants a heart yet clearly was sympathic towards the travelers and on the way to OZ tried to help the opium napping Dorothy. They seemed so focus on trying to have something that they didn't realize that the had basically what the needed the whole time. I understood nothing about their motivations and I want to make it clear that I tried really hard. I watched this…show more content…
I think she then begins to see that this world is unlike anything she is used to and finally reacts in a human way and when she finds out that she has to get the witch's broom in order to get home I find that her optomism shifts in a way because she actually realized that this isn't some magic candy coated place but that she actually has to stand up to someone in order to get home. Her sense of resolve to get things done was the optomism of an adult rather than the child she was for most of the movie up until that

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