Relationships In The Odyssey

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Odyssey Admittedly, love controls the nature and degree of human interaction in any social setting. In Odyssey, Homer emphasizes the theme of relationship, which is love between spouses and parent-child bond. Single people reading the book stand a great chance of learning the traits of what constitutes a good relationship. Homer’s Odyssey presents relationship as the theme that runs deep in societal interactions. Single individuals reading the book stands to learn the magnitude of love between married people as well as parent-child bond. In Odyssey, Penelope displays undying love for her husband, Odysseus. She refuses to date another man and believes her husband will return one day. Odysseus on the other hand never forgets his wife back at home (Homer & Fitzgerald, 1998, p. 417). Clearly, single people learn to look for a partner who will always strive to stick by them in all circumstances. Penelope stays loyal, and she even goes a step further by always finding a reason for delaying her marriage to all her suitors (Homer & Fitzgerald, 1998, p. 300). These undying faith and the hope for a better tomorrow should motivate single people to commit to their soon to be partners. They should fight to have such kind of person as Penelope who stays loyal even when it is understandable if they think otherwise.…show more content…
Knowing he cannot defeat, he uses his brain and ensures that he does not lose. In the end, his cunning way finally let him have his wife back (Homer & Fitzgerald, 1998. P. 575). A Single person should also look for a partner who will always find a way for the two of them to be together. Indeed, love and relationship forms the pillar for a healthy family. Single persons should always take their time and look for a partner bearing the traits that they desire. That way they are guaranteed of a good healthy

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