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And if you weren't, well you most likely are now, so you're in the right place. Jamestown was located in present-day Virginia near the coast. Most of the original settlers were poor 17-35 year olds, looking for a chance to make money. Unfortunately, a great number of them did not survive their attempts and died of one of many possible reasons. Many of the early Jamestown settlers died as a result of rampant disease, dissatisfactory relationships with the natives and a terrible inclination to be severely underprepared. Disease Disease was a big issue for the colonists of Jamestown. Disease ran rampant due to the contaminated and brackish water supply as well as their (unsurprisingly) poor hygiene. They dumped their waste into this river, with the expectation that it would get washed out to sea and they would never see it again. Before you jump to conclusions, they weren't ENTIRELY wrong. They were just a little confused. You see, by the time that the waste traveled to the ocean, high tide came in and said "No. You can't come in my ocean, go back where you came from." and it carried the waste BACK to the river where it sat and festered in their drinking water. I know, gross. Not only did this process contaminate the water with human waste, but salt water…show more content…
They never seemed to be prepared. They weren't prepared for disease by bringing only one doctor and no apothecaries. They didn't plant crops and were consequently unprepared for the winter. They had to drink brackish, contaminated water because they dumped their waste in the same river they drank from (that was just stupid) and they did arrive in time to plant crops, so,they borrowed from the natives. When they didn't return the natives hospitality, their relationship turned as sour as spoiled milk. They also arrived in one of the longest periods of drought. That was just unlucky. They could have used a little Felix Felicis, in my

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