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Analysing the Biomechanical Principles of a Netball Shot Achievement Standard 91499 3.2b Introduction Biomechanics is the science concerned with the internal and external forces acting on the human body and the effects produced by these forces. (MACKENZIE, 2004) The Biomechanical Principles are important for all sport to be able to learn how to improve each movement to create a better result. I will be analysing the biomechanics of a netball shot at goal to help provide improvement for my own techniques of a netball shot. The aim of netball is to shoot as many goals as possible and avoid the other team shooting goals. This is why the technique of the netball shot is very important in a netball game. The biomechanical principles are used for the shooters advantage to be able to apply the right technique to create the perfect netball shot. There are only…show more content…
In one of my videos where I rushed the preparation, I did not have the stability I needed to make an accurate shot and it missed the goal by far. A way to help me improve Follow Through: In observing my videos of my technique to a netball shot, I noticed I don’t hold my stance once I released the ball. This probably has an effect on my accuracy and how well I shoot every time I attempt to take a shot. The Magnus Effect: Magnus effect changes the trajectory of an object towards the direction of spin, therefore resulting in a Magnus force (lift force acting on a spinning object). (Blazevich, 2010) A spinning ball ‘grabs’ the air that flows past it because of the friction between the air and the ball, so these air particles start to spin with the ball. (Blazevich, 2010) [Photo on right (Knusdon, 2007).] Preparation: Execution: Follow Through: Back

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