Natural Law In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Plato, a world renowned philosopher, developed a set of beliefs that there are natural human laws and rights. Natural law is a set of justice beliefs that are pure in its simple form. Plato's belief was that everyone everywhere deserved these rights. In literature you can see this develop as most heroes are given their humanity and the times where life presents the difficult decisions to create fairness and equality. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee uses Atticus and Scout to personify humanity, which combined with details that describe fairness and equality allows readers to experience natural human rights and consider human life for what it is. First, you must have a concept of law. Lawyers are definitely one of the few people who understand laws inside and out. However, Harper Lee uses a quote from Charles Lamb to delicately and discreetly forecast the future of the book as well as give an insight to society. According to Charles Lamb, “Lawyers, I suppose, were children once.” Lamb is trying to give the details that lawyers are now more educated about the practice of law and better…show more content…
I don't mean she learns the human body, but the human soul. In the story a mob of angry white men go to the jail to attack Tom, Scout goes to check up on her father at the same time and instead she's an insight into humanity. She speaks to the mob and specifically to Mr. Cunningham and after making him recognize the humanity in himself. Scout then is confused as the mod speechless gawks at how brilliant she is. Finally she breaks the silence by asking “What's the matter?” Little does she know she just took down an entire mob of angry men by bring forth the humanity and making them recognize Tom is as entitled to life his life as theirs by the basic life laws. The comprehension of the human law is something that isn't always easy to understand for highly educated or mature adults, yet children always seem to grasp it with the humanity they

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