Dunkin Donuts Ethos Pathos Logos

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The advertisers used the colors orange and pink in the logo and the name of the establishment to reflect the affordable nature of the food, as well as to ignite excitement in viewers. The orange is also used to make the viewers feel welcome to eat at the establishment. The slogan is written in a brown color as to illustrate the practicality of eating at this establishment. A white background is used to reflect the cleanliness of the establishment. Bright colors are used, rather than darker ones, to allow viewers to associate feelings of enlightenment and positivity, rather than feelings of disgust, with this establishment’s food. The Bandwagon propaganda strategy is implemented in this advertisement. The slogan “America Runs on Dunkin” insists that the entire United States enjoys this establishment, prompting those who have never eaten there to want to feel included and therefore eat there.…show more content…
Dunkin’ Donuts also sells coffee, which appeals to older consumers. This illustrates how Dunkin’ Donuts is a perfect restaurant for a person of any age. These sprinkles, in the shape of the United States, symbolize how popular Dunkin’ Donuts is. The colorful sprinkles make consumers feel excited about purchasing food from this establishment. A bold, slick font is used for this advertisement. The letters of the name of the establishment are large, while the slogan is written in smaller letters. This sans serif font is used for legibility, as to be easily read by people of all ages. The letters are closer together than each individual word is, so as to be seen from a

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