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From: Eric, Nshimiyimana To: Carrie and Fred, Drip & Dry’s Owners Date: Monday, October 26, 2015 Subject: Effective Advertising Strategies to Promote Dry & Dry Dear Carrie and Fred: Thank you so much for giving me tasks of researching and creating video ads that can be used to promote Drip & Dry and its outstanding café beverages. After conducting a thorough research about how vine works, how images can be used ethically and how different advertising techniques can be incorporated in a given ad to have a top-notch appeal in the viewers’ eye, I have wrapped all findings and explanations in this memo. This memo will provide a clear description of the concept behind each created ad, strategies used to engage target audiences, persuasive techniques…show more content…
This clearly means that I tried to touch the audiences’ emotions and feelings using specific images and emotional words such love, vibe, and greatness. Additionally, I tried to appeal to audiences’ logic by giving facts that show them that Drip & Dry is more than just taking a cup of coffee or being a coffeehouse rather a community. For instance, highlighting “500 Facebook page likes” is a fact that people are engaged with Drip & Dry, which form an engaged digital community (CfA, 2014, p. 2). On top of that, I tried to appeal to audiences’ credibility by using an image of Obama as an influential person who consume the same product to the product they like. This entices their trust and makes them think that they can trust Drip & Dry café beverages and stick…show more content…
Thus, the intended subtexts for the first ad are that all residents in Portland love coffee and Drip & Dry is the best place to visit for a great coffee. In addition, subtexts for the second ad are that a great of coffee can energize people and make them feel loved by their lovers. While the subtexts for the third ad are that people achieve greatness if they do not drink coffee and Drip & Dry’s café beverages have a strong pleasant smell that can influence people to buy them without an intention. Above all, I expect the viewer to interpret the subtext both positively and negatively. This is because subtexts’ interpretation can be affected by viewer’s preferences, values and biases. For instance, I expect viewers to interpret the subtext negatively by thinking that Drip & Dry’s ads are trying to show how Drip & Dry is the best of the best compared to other coffeehouses. While viewers can interpret the subtext positively by creating a meaning that coffee is the source of happiness or

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