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Always wanting to do the right thing for yourself and other people contributes greatly to being an indecisive person. Being put into a situation where I need to make a choice puts me under a lot of pressure most of the time because I’m never sure of myself with which option can have better benefits. It can be small things like having either of your favorite meals for dinner, or more relevant everyday things like finding $20 on the ground and not knowing to keep it or turn it in, but not being able to decide on basic topics is worse when it comes to more serious choices you have to make in life. Being indecisive is very difficult when you absolutely don’t know what to do or how to overcome the situation when most of the time you just have to go with your instinct. Small decisions that will later on have a somewhat big impact are just…show more content…
During a game I don’t really have time to weigh my options and decide what I should do. Soccer is a very fast paced sport and usually once you receive a pass, you want to then find an open player and pass to them so you don’t have much time to stand there and look around to see who is the best open player. I rarely try to focus on what decision I should make, but when my indecisiveness takes over, the ball is usually then taken away from me. The good thing about soccer is that people are always running around trying to get open for a pass so new opportunities are always being made. By any chance I become undecided with what to do, I usually just wing it and hope for the best, for example when I have a clear shot on goal but people yelling for me to pass it to them. I always want to shoot but I’m never 100% positive if it will go in or if the girls calling to get the ball have a better shot of getting it in the goal. It usually narrows down to me taking a shot on goal seeing that my selfishness shows through and I want to have a

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