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As an illustration, Dream-Land, a poem created by Edgar Allan Poe also created in the 1800’s. Dream-land basically tells a story of a journey, though it’s never quite clear where the journey starts or ends. Ultimately, the poem describes the eccentric and prodigious afterimage the speaker sees along the journey. In the first stanza of the poem leads to the theme, mood and character. “ By the route obscure and lonely,” , Poe uses obscure and lonely to have a sense of how the mood is going to be throughout the poem also the sense of being lonely road as the theme. “ Haunted by ill angels only,”, “ill angels” contradicts the road being haunted by beings because angels are thought as bright and happy, but in this poem it’s dark, unhealthy and classified…show more content…
“From an ultimate dim Thule-”, Thule, fancy way of Poe saying a dark place beyond the edge of the world. “Out of SPACE-Out of TIME.” creates the mood and feeling of the the speakers journey and the imagination of Poe’s mystery. It begins with a tantalizingly imprecise description of the speaker arriving in a strange new land. He doesn't say where exactly he is coming from, just that it was far away, beyond the borders of space and time. He is not a super happy guy, landscape with tears, covers all over like it rain all over the world, huge land full with sadness. This country has a huge landscape of valleys, oceans, caves and forest. In the middle of the second stanza, apparently the oceans are always stretching, reaching upward which inspire hope and dreams of reaching the sky and exploding upward, this language is charged with emotion and even the oceans implies to have feelings and mind on it’s own also sky is on fire. There are lakes too, the seas and the mountains are full of action and fiery excitement, these lakes are exactly the opposite. They are endless too, but they are completely quiet, lonely, and freezing

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