Thousand And One Nights Essay

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Though the traditions of the East regard men as the holders of power, Thousand and One Nights offers a different view of the gender-power relationship. As a result of reading it, readers start reconsidering their preconceived ideas about the traditional relationship between gender and power. This essay shows how Shahrazad tries to expose the wrongs of both sexes equally to Shahryar. The main frame story is about Shahrazad, a well-educated woman, who willingly choose to marry a bloodthirsty king who kills his wife each night and marries a new one in the morning. The fact that she is a woman, in a culture that grants all power to men, does not stop her from trying to save the kingdom. Even though her father threatens to beat her if she does not obey him, she does not relent nor give up on her decisions. She says ‘’by Allah, O my father, marry me to this king, for either I will be the means of the deliverance of the daughters of the…show more content…
Two of those examples can be found in the story of ‘’Alaa El Din Abou Esh Shamat’’. The first one is Alaa El Din’s mother, who supports her son and encourages him to follow his dreams. As soon as her son tells her that he wants to travel and learn about merchandising, she tells him ‘’thy father is a very rich man, and if he provide thee not with the merchandise, I will do so of my own monies’’. The second one is Zubeidah. She helps Alaa El Din find solutions for their problems and he think that she is reliable and trustworthy, therefore when strangers come knocking on the door of his house and asks to enter he tells them ‘’I must consult my wife’’. In order to be realistic, Shahrazad tells Shahryar a number of stories about wicked women, like the wife in the story of ‘’the Woman’s Trick Against her Husband’’. The story is about a cruel wife, who uses her wit to make the people believe her and accuse her husband of being
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