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Donald Harvey showed no signs as a young boy of becoming a serial killer. Goldie Harvey McKinney, his mother, was very surprised by what he had done. She couldn’t understand why he would do such a thing and why there was so much interest in her oldest son. The former nurse’s aide had pleaded guilty to killing twenty-five people and has said he has murdered about fifty more people while working in hospitals. His mother refused to comment when reporters spoke to her about her son; the only thing she said was “Why is this such a big thing?” He was regarded one of the nicest boys at his school, classmates recalled. People sort of picked on him because he wouldn’t get fighting mad. He would simply just go about his business. Lena Gabbard a seasoned…show more content…
Gabbard quoted. She also stated he was a “teacher pleaser” doing whatever the teachers would ask of him. Harvey’s mother had put so much into presenting her child at school in the very best appearances that she could. “Whenever Goldie was needed at school, she was there to help. Whether it was for a PTA meeting or a Christmas play, Goldie was there.” Harvey’s father was a World War II Army veteran who worked as a farmer and in a warehouse. “His father was a very hard worker.” He died on the job as a good man. Some teachers felt different about the reports that he was abused sexually as a child by a relative. Mrs. Gabbard said, “I can’t believe it, his family don’t seem that way.” But Martha D. Turner, supervisor in the Owsley County schools and Harvey’s Principal for his eight years at Sturgeon School, said that whatever began turning Harvey’s personality from a pleasant schoolboy to a killer might have been happening in his home life early on. He was very good at school having a record of more A’s than B’s in his eight years, and only one C that whole time. But Mrs. Turner felt like something was happening at home that the school didn’t know

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