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MEMORANDUM FOR SENIOR OFFICE Subject: Creating a Diversity Council to address diversity needs and challenges in the workplace This memorandum provides a declaration to create a diversity council for our current work place. The reason this is needed is because we have areas in the organization feel as if their needs are not addressed as properly as they should be. Because of this there is conflict between the different groups. Now at times it is believed that issues with diversity i the work place becomes an HR issue but it’s much more than that. By trying to pin it into one location you’re missing the big picture. This being that it is not an issue that just HR can fix its one that the company as a whole must address. A Diversity…show more content…
Meaning the group can create those who only address what is wrong with company instead of how to make it right. The first step must be having those of the senior executive office be a bit more involved with this counsel. Mainly because it would bring much needed support to the council. So senior members are more aware of the issues or concerns from their workers. Also regarding those who should be in the council. The council must have an open channel to “speak to” to all employees and to serve as a positive resource. Its efforts need to directly and positively impact the business goals and needs. It also needs to bring positive insight to increase moral and with that comes increased employee production. By creating this message of understanding within the work place it also create a more enjoyable environment to work in and create new ideas to help the company a question that is already being raised is who should be a part of this diversity council? The people or members who are associated should be those who are not only the people who like to voice their opinion but those who also work in different areas of the company. Ranging from those who work in sales to those who work on the production line. One major point that I want to make again is this is not an HR issue. This is an issue that must be addressed company wide and should be addressed as…show more content…
So they themselves know how to properly voice any opinions given by different departments within the company. By having those elected as the voice of the departments there is also a single point of contact making a more organized council for others to know who to reach to in case there is anything else that needs to be brought to attention. Another point that should be addressed is who should have the position of leadership. Because this is not just an HR issue that position should not be placed to the head of HR, instead appointed as an elected leader. The specific person that the group feels like they share their ideas and would be represented properly. I do believe a member of senior management should be present during the groups meetings and address any concerns directly. So the final point i want to make again in this memo is the reason why is it important? As well what should we expect to happen by creating this group? Now although this can seem time consuming to senior management, it is imperative we address any concerns or issues with all departments. One outcome that is possible but not ideal is a group that only consists of company issues and

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