Diane White Case Study

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Good Morning, We have a matter at hand that needs to be addressed in regards to two members of management (Patrick and Diane White)and are seeking your advisement in this case: • Both of these employees are Regional Managers for BACO that oversee several stores within their region and they both have been going through a lot of personal matters within this year. Due to their personal issues they both have missed an excessive amount of work in regards to sick and vacation time (please see attached reports). Statistically, for Patrick White he has an absenteeism rate of 7.79% of sick time for this year; Diane White has an absenteeism rate of 3.37% of sick time for this year - this does not include the time off they have taken for vacation and bereavement. The Company has a sick policy of 32 hours per year – that is 4 (8hr per day) working days. In this case, Patrick has taken 20.25 working days for this year and Diane has taken 8.75 working days for this year, thus far. •…show more content…
For example, if Patrick misses a day or two Diane is covering for the whole district and creating more stress for her which eventually leads in taking a day or few days off because now she has become overwhelm and not feeling well. • We have been told by both of them that they are seeking psychiatric counseling sessions and Diane has mentioned that she is taking anti-depressant prescription to help with her personal emotions. This creates an issue because this may constitute protection under ADA rules. • They both have been spoken to about their chronic absenteeism but refuse to take a time-out to get some rest and refresh. (please note that the Company has in no way asked for them to take a leave of absence due to medical reasons it has all been based on their performance

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