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Constantine was born in Naissus, Moesia and he was the first Roman emperor to adopt Christianity. He converted many people to christianity in 334, when he proclaimed christianity the state religion. He died on May 22, 337 C.E. Constantine was born in Naissus, moesia in Feburary 17 or 7 in 22-285 C.E. His parents were Constantius the first and Helena. His father-in-law's name was Maximian when his mother remarried. His parents originally named him Flavius Valerius Constantinus. He has many nicknames including Constantine the Great, Constantine the first, and Saint Constantine. His mother was sent to the Holy land and found pieces of the cross jesus was crucified on. In 293, Constantine's father became deputy emperor under Maximian. Constantine's family was vast including his own family. He married Minervina then remarried to Fausta. He had two daughters by Fausta maned Constantina and Helena. he had four sons, one by Minervina named Flavius julius Crispus. The other three sons were by Fausta named Constantine the second, Constantius the second and Constans.…show more content…
Constantine had a basic, but strong, education, but he ended up going into the military. He was interested in Latin and greek philosophy, mythology, and theatre. after school, he was introduced to military and fought in Britain. His occupation ended up being the roman emperor. He was in many different wars when he was in the military and when he was the emperor. In 306, trouble in Britain made him travel to join his father in Gaul. He fought in Italy and meet Maxentius and his army at Milvian Bridge on Tiber River. He defeated Lieinius and became sole ruler of the Roman Empire. He created the Edict of Milan. The Edict of milan legalized Christianity and allowed them to worship freely in 313. He ordered a Christian symbol to be put on his army’s

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