Dialogue Essay: My Hero's Journey

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Have you ever gone on a trail and not know where you’re going? Sydney had arrived at the Shawnee Mission Park with her dance team and lots of families. They had came to the park for a little picnic to enjoy for their hard work. But Sydney seen a park trail she was so stoked to go on. She left her family and dance team behind to find she was walking on a trail with her friend who has a broken leg. You both leave for 2 hours wandering around in a forest thinking to yourself. Where you are? How did u get there? And how you'll find a way out. But you can't with nobody's help. As sydney and her friend emma were walking around in the forests they mysteriously walked off the tail. They were too busy looking at the beautiful scenery instead of…show more content…
“Do you have any ideas as to how we can find a way out.” Sydney asked worriedly “Not a single one...maybe retrace our steps?” Emma said walking to the log by the stream. “I don’t think that’s going to work the dirt is dry and i can’t see anyone with all these trees in the way!” Sydney replied scared. Emma went to go sit on the hard prickly log of wood with dirt around the edges so she can rest her leg. Sydney was pacing around in circles for awhile then i thought came to her to use her phone. “Hey maybe we can use my phone to find a way out of this odd and peculiar place.” Sydney exclaimed “Good idea sydney maybe we can use the G.P.S to find a way out of this bizarre forest.” said Emma in relief. Sydney had a huge smile on her face and her heart started to race because she may have found a way out. However Sydney noticed that she seen that she had no services from where she was standing. Emma and Sydney started where totally aghast as suddenly they heard the ringing of a bike bell coming up the trail. It was Sydney’s dad, he had never seen two children so excited to see him before. Sydney suddenly ran at her dad with excitement right when emma feels like some object was poking her, as she looked down to see it was just a normal little splint in her leg. Emma didn't seem to notice that it hurt to bad she just brushed it

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