Thomas Jefferson's Views On The Election Of 1800

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Thomas Jefferson’s election in 1800 was one of the most important elections in American history. The election would usher in a new political party for the first time since elections were held in the United States. It would also bring about great changes within the judicial system. Thomas Jefferson views of what he saw for American was widely different from those of the Federalists. Jefferson’s vision for the country was more democratic and less conservative view. “For Jefferson, the election of 1800 stands as a second revolution that protected and extended the gains achieved in the Revolution of 1776.” ( The Federalists would never again have control or would be re-elected to offices the way they had in the 1790’s. The election confirmed the emergence of a two-party system in American politics, a development that must have seemed ironic to some Federalists and Democratic-Republican,” writes historian Thomas Connelly. (Walsh 2008)…show more content…
At this time in election history the candidates were all eligible for Electoral College votes. This would change in 1804 with the Twelfth Amendment which would have the Electoral College vote for president separately from the vice-president. In 1800 the votes on a tie would be taken to the House of Representative which meant states would receive one vote. The election was won by Thomas Jefferson due in part by the change of parties by some Federalists with a lot of pushing by Alexander Hamilton. “Some historians have termed this election the “Revolution of 1800.”

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