Descriptive Essay On Roller Coasters

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I waited tentatively next to my cousins in a line that was quickly shortening; I tapped my foot and jumped every time the roller coaster rumbled down the steep track that was too close to me for comfort. I started thinking back to my decision to go on this beast of a roller coaster known as The Phoenix. Why in the world had I decided to go on this huge ride when I had never been on a roller coaster before, and it would’ve been fine just to go with the younger children and go on some of the more tame rides here at Knoebels. But my cousin had prodded me on giving words of encouragement, “This ride isn’t the scariest one at Knoebels, and there’s really only one big hill on the ride.” I stared up at The Phoenix and heard the roller coaster roar down the track with people screaming like they were about to fall out of the ride. I looked back at my cousin and slowly answered “Well- I mean, I’ll have other chances to go on the roller coaster. So, maybe I could go on it later.” My cousin patiently…show more content…
And how can I be thinking about a photo on the roller coaster when I’m about to descend my first hill ever. And now we had reached the summit… there was a short pause… I got one look down the steep rail… I held my breath… The Phoenix started to tip downward… and it accelerated. Down the track we soared as I screamed at the top of my voice; I could feel the wind rushing in my face and when we reached the bottom the ride didn’t even slow down as it rounded another corner and took me on many twists and slopes. As the ride went on I still wasn’t at ease, and I was still screaming at every little hill and turn. Finally when the ride ended I relaxed and took a deep breath for probably the first time in the last nine minutes, and as I hopped out of the roller coaster it dawned on my that I had done it! I had conquered The Phoenix, and not only that but I sort of felt like getting on another roller

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