Descriptive Essay About Vacations

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I tapped my finger a few times and thought about our vacation. I had no idea where we were going, but I knew that we would be going somewhere. Each year, without fail my parents would take us somewhere. It could be in Namibia- that is in Africa, or the Amazon rainforest I wondered if we would go to Antarctica this year, that would be a big relief over the scorching summer that we had this year. It went up to 115 degrees this year. We live in the heart of The Lone State State- Texas! Us Texans have a lot of pride in our state. I heard a sharp exclamation. I looked behind, only to see our teacher screaming at me to ask me to show her my work. She was a really mean teacher, she would scream at us like all the time. There was only one person…show more content…
I think the most interesting place we could go would be the moon. That would be really cool, we probably would go in our private spacecraft. Sure it was tiny, but it did work. I kind of wanted to go to our private island in the Bahamas, it had been a while since I went there. I looked at the clock hoping the time would pass. When you wanted something time would always go backwards- almost. I watched the slow ticking of the second hand, it seemed a little too slow. I looked at my watch, it had the same time. Oop, it looked like we were moving on to the next activity, which would be silent reading time. Silent reading time was never exactly silent; there would be a lot of chitter-chattering, but I never talked for two reasons. One, I really loved reading; reading was like an escape to an imaginary land. Two, The Pickle was always watching out for people who violated her “laws”. She would always have terrible punishments for law breakers. One of the punishments was, standing up in front of the class and saying what you did wrong. Nobody really found it funny anymore, there were like two teams in this class. One team was of Lauren and The Pickle. Team two was the rest of the

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