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In the article Bilingual Lives, Bilingual Experience, Alice Wierzbicka is truthfully capturing the perks and flaws of the bilingual life, while also showing the inner struggle an individual goes through when using his choice of words, rather than simply sticking to the vocabulary differences. To lead a bilingual life, one must learn how to properly unite his feelings and chosen language, so it can create an accurate way of truly expressing himself or herself through their choice of words. In the preface of the book called Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development by Alice Wierzbicka, she accomplishes to describe veridically the life of a person who knows one more language than his mother tongue. Every language has its own particular…show more content…
We grow up, we get to know our surroundings, from people to culture, with the help of our language. Individuals often think that learning a language refers strictly to the pre-existing tool which helps us communicate with the world. Instead, it is itself a way of discovering the world as it is, with its ups and downs, with the extremely different people, culture and way of living (Anna Wierzbicka, 2010). Since we live with both languages, we find ourselves getting to know the true meaning behind each word, and we could actually say that language categories help us make sense of our true feelings, this way shaping and giving direction to them. (cf. A.Wierzbicka,…show more content…
Being a bilingual means learning how to have two different lifestyles, it comes along with a great baggage of culture and traditions that one must learn how to understand before being able to master their second language. From learning the contexts in which certain phrases are used, to learning the lexical and grammatical range of the language, an individual should be able to juggle with these before calling himself or herself a

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