1984 Analytical Essay

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1984, a dystopian novel written by George Orwell, highlights the problems that surround a nation called Oceania that is controlled by a power named “Big Brother” and the “Party”. Erich From wrote in his Afterword to 1984 that: Orwell is simply implying that the new form of managerial industrialism [...] is conducive to an era of dehumanization and complete alienation in which men are transformed into things and become appendices to the process of production and consumption. () In contemporary society, through the development of new technology, we have not heeded Orwell’s warning; our culture has become increasingly more isolated and unaware of our actions as well as the impact that technology has had on us. Texting slang and emoticons (“emojis”)…show more content…
The increasing popularity of smartphones and other technology has influenced many other people to buy these products. Owning a smartphone has become the norm for contemporary society; it is inconceivable to many to imagine themselves not being able to use their phone to look for directions or talk to anyone. Similar to this, the “Two Minutes Hate” that Winston “found [himself] shouting with the others” (14), was simply because it was “impossible to avoid joining in” (14) and being separate from the group; they have been conditioned and influenced by their peers and society to do so. Consequently, the capability of smartphones and social media has made it easier to track wherever someone is what they are doing almost every minute of the day. “Orthodoxy is [the] unconsciousness” (53) of these people who allow every aspect and detail of their life to be revealed with “no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment” (3). While the use of social media “[can] be dimmed, there [is] no way of shutting it off completely” (2) since it is heavily relied on for communication and information by modern society. There is no individuality or total security while being connected to today’s

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