Loneliness In The Pigman By Paul Zindel

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The Sole Source of Their Relationship In the novel, The Pigman, written by Paul Zindel, loneliness is what connects the main characters. However, loneliness is also a factor in their relationship. The three main characters are John Conlan, Lorraine Jensen and Angelo Pignati. John Conlan, a sophomore like Lorraine, is a troublemaker, is a nuisance to his parents, is attractive and he has bad habits. His bad habits include: excessive drinking and smoking, lying, swearing, creating offensive nicknames, and the such. John felt somewhat lonely whenever his parents would compare him to his older brother, Kenneth. Kenneth was successful and a satisfaction to his parents, unlike himself. Lorraine Jensen is a young lady who has no father…show more content…
Being amongst other people like John and Lorraine made Mr.Pignati’s health better.He was at least talking to others, expressing his feelings and the fact that he doesn’t think so much about his wife anymore, made a difference. Still, even though, Mr.Pignati was convalescing, he still is sick, fragile and old. When John and Lorraine finally confessed to Mr.Pignati that their relationship with him was all a game, he didn’t sound agitated or shocked in any way. Mr.Pignati instead talked about his wife and accepted that she was dead. His mind was somewhere else-too busy to focus on the current situation. However, a powerful accidental betrayal event was too arduous for Mr.Pignati. This happened at the peak of their relationship, which was days after the two teenagers pretended to be his children. This made him stop and think about the situation.This was entirely because of the two teenagers’ “Small” party which resulted in the breaking of Mr.Pignati’s memories of Conchetta. His ceramic pig collection was broken and Conchetta’s dresses were ripped. Thus, Mr.Pignati’s smile disappeared, which was the climax. After the incident, Mr.Pignati misinterpreted John and Lorraine’s intentions and thought that they never changed and were still their past selves when they were with him for money. However, he still wanted to believe in their goodness. He gave…show more content…
It was nothing but a big obstacle that they needed to overcome. They did surmount the big dilemma, but because of the many problems that came across with loneliness which is why their relationship ended.Though, from the start, an old man with two teenagers didn’t appear that it would be a successful relationship and thus that became one of the factors. However- “ We don’t meet people by accident, they’re meant to cross our paths for a reason”-Unknown. When Mr.Pignati died “...he took his children with him..,” which meant that with Mr.Pignati’s death, John and Lorraine’s innocence died with him. A part of them were forever lost. Nevertheless, they did beat loneliness and also attained something better from their relationship, which was maturity and a sense of responsibility. They have defeated loneliness because even if they were all submerged in dilemmas, they were together like the three monkeys in Beekman’s Department store. They both learned what loneliness truly is and that it is part of

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