Sacco And Vanzetti Essay

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Bartolommeo Sacco was a shoe maker while Nicola Vanzetti was fish-seller. The two were of Italian origin living in America. They were followers of a famous violent anarchist Luigi Galleani.. Sacco and Vanzetti, being aliens in the United States, could not be subjected to conscription. The friendship of the two was formed when they met in a train travelling to Mexico, both support the Galleani’s anarchy. Most of the violent bombings that occurred in the United States were suspected to be caused by this group. It was on April 15th that a cashier of a certain factory in Braintree was shot to death alongside his bodyguard. At that particular time, the two were leaving their work place when the ambush took place undertaken by two individuals. One of the bandits fired the gun to the guard as the cashier tried to escape. The paymaster did not manage to escape he got gunned down. There was a car that was carrying three men, who had come to the scene of attack. The bandits escaped in this car carrying $16, 0000 that had been taken away from the paymaster. The bullets had fatally injured the internal organs of the guard, which made him succumb since he got shot four times; the cashier had been shot two times. The pistol used in committing this crime was automatic 32-calliber, as described…show more content…
They believed it belongd to him because it had a nail hole that corresponded to one found in the factory, on which he occasionally hanged his hat. Unfortunately, the police could not evidently confirm that it belonged to Sacco. At the time of arrest Sacco had twenty three bullets in the guns, while others were put in his pockets. The bullets corresponded in caliber type, with the ones used in the murder case. This led to the police believing that Sacco and Vanzetti targeted to steal from the cashier in order to finance the anarchism propaganda or their profound political

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