Defining Deviancy Down

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By reading Defining Deviancy Down by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, one can tell or assume the authors discusses to the reader about crime in society. In addition, the authors states that crime is not beneficial in society and how society's response in crime has changed, in increasing in violence. Such as, the author continued by stating that society's chooses to ignore the fact of certain criminal act or deviant behavior. Furthermore, the author discusses about deviant behavior in current situation in United state and how deviancy in american society increasingly in the highest level in society. However, the author also states some deviant act is considered normal in today's society which was considered abnormal during the…show more content…
Furthermore, some patient were freed which created the problem of homelessness as for the poor and the insane(21). However, the author mentioned during 1955 president sign the construction for community center for mental patient but later the funding was changed and then forgotten from society(20). Additionally, the author states altruistic redefinition as "this unable good people to try to do good, however unavailing in the end"…show more content…
Additionally, the author continued to mention judge edwin Torres speech mentioning there shouldn't be any expectation of change in society, nor the public will insist to do so instead the crime will be normalized in society(26). In addition, the author redefine the term of normalizing as "the number of deviant offender a community can afford to recognize is likely to remain stable at time"(26). Furthermore, the author mention crime will a subject of political term and from time to time it will be at best opinion or so as matter of public concerns(26). Likewise, based on the article The normalization of deviance in healthcare delivery by John Banja said normalizing deviance in health care profession is a violation because of variation of practice can affect a patient and can increase the risk of a patient(2). However, Sociology of Deviant Behavior By Marshall Clinard, Robert Meier mention normalizing deviance that disable people can manage to normalizing deviancy in society because it socially acceptable to due condition(456). For instance, Marshall Clinard also mention handicapped people tend to avoid the word cripple and when they engage in conversation with a normal person they tend to show that they live a normal life as

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