Death In Eudora Weltly's Death Of A Traveling Salesman

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Through the stages of infatuation, jealousy, and desperation which are apparent in the race for material goods, the ultimate consequence is death, which may be literal or figurative. One may argue that Willy’s death is literal--he commits suicide so that Biff could receive insurance money. Willy’s twisted idea that death could be a way to prove that he had accomplished something in life is one which is caused by his torment of not having material success in life. He explains to Charley that “after all the highways, and the trains, and the appointments, and the years, you end up worth more dead than alive” (98). In Eudora Weltly’s Death of a Traveling Salesman, Bowman stays with a man named Sonny and his wife. Upon meeting Sonny’s wife after Bowman’s cars falls into the ravine, Bowman tries to ask her for help.…show more content…
Bowman’s professional life and his job affects his ability to communicate with people normally, and he is unable to form relationships. During his stay at Sonny’s, Bowman grows increasingly aware that he is familyless and friendless. As physically unappealing as Sonny’s wife is described, she has evidence of being loved, and he does not. Bowman realizes that his job as a salesman has left him unable to form relationships. After leaving Sonny’s, Bowman dies from a heart attack. His death is one which is literal, caused by his realization that he could never break the emotional and social isolation he has been living with his whole life, and could never have the fruitful marriage that “anyone could

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