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I want to study veterinary medicine because I find the biology and chemistry of living organisms incredibly interesting. I adore the variety that can be found within even the simplest ecosystems and more specifically I am fascinated by the range of adaptations within the animal kingdom. However my interest in animals extends beyond the scientific theory behind their biology into the more practical aspects of their health and well being. In this way I find the challenges provided by the veterinary course perfect for my interests as it balances the scientific study of animals such as anatomy and physiology with practical application. I am also very interested in the research involved with taking this course as I am quite an independent learner and so enjoy solving problems and researching topics in my own time. My independence is made evident by the large amount of work experience I have arranged…show more content…
I have completed three online courses over the summer the first being run by Edinburgh University as a taster course for potential vet applicants. This course gave me a brief introduction into anatomy, animal handling and pathology as well as many other aspects of Edinburgh’s veterinary course. Not only did I do the weekly tests but I also made detailed notes on each lecture so that I can look at the subjects again whenever I wish to, this consequently attained me the mark of 100%. This success as well as my thirst for knowledge consequently inspired me to take courses. I consequently did a course in Animal Behaviour from the University of Melbourne. This course was two weeks longer and consequently could cover some subjects in more detail. Again I found it incredibly interesting and the section on female choice is what motivated my subject title for my EPQ. Finally I undertook a course in equine health and

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