Commentary On Ender's Game By Orson Scott Card

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In the book "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card, kids are trained at a young age to become military soldiers in order to defeat aliens called "Buggers." The book is an action packed novel surrounding a young boy named Ender who was chosen to lead the fleet army against theses Buggers. Ender has been put through many battles, tests, and emotional conflicts to make him the best military commander to ever exist. The plot of the story is to turn a little eight year old boy into a military commander that can help defeat and wipe out the Bugger Army. Ender is taken to a battle school in space where the smartest and brightest children are kept and put to the test on how important they can be for the army. Their lives are centered around a game where leaders lead their men into battle with another army. The best are praised while the worst are looked down on. Ender is promoted to a leader at a very young age and leads his army into an undefeated series of battles that makes everyone hate him for being better than them.…show more content…
It is the the place where the kids can be judged on their skills and how smart they can be in the middle of a battle. Though the battle room can be seen as a fun area it can be very tricky due to it's no gravity, " They filed clumsily into the battle room, like children in a swimming pool for the first time, clinging to the handholds along the side. Null gravity was frightening, disorienting; they soon found that things went better if they didn't use their feet at all."(55) The battle room is where everyone had no choice but to acknowledge Ender and that just because he was little he was still on, if not above, their

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