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David Koresh David Koresh was the powerful leader of the Branch Davidian religious sect, who operated in Waco, Texas. He was able to keep his followers contained and convinced them that he was the “Lamb of God”, who would open and interpret the Seven Seals. So certain were his followers that many remained faithful to the very end, when their compound went up in flames leaving behind a negative legacy reflecting crazed grandeur and catastrophic consequences. Despite the tragic ending that resulted from his actions, some people still consider Koresh a prophet and an inspiration. David Koresh was successful in using religion to brainwash people. The Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearm agency had found out that the Branch Davidians were storing a suspicious amount of guns, ammunition, as well as black powder. The Davidians history with the law, going back to the shootout at Mount Carmel in 1987,…show more content…
The First Seal was the revelation that he was Christ. The Second Seal foretold that the Davidians would be the focal point of a war. The Third Seal allowed Koresh to be misleading, as long as it was for the good of his people. The Fourth Seal allowed them to kill their enemies. The fifth, and most prominent Seal, prophesized that they would be killed for their beliefs. Because of this divination, Koresh convinced his followers that they needed to be ready for the inevitable attack. They began stockpiling weapons, and Koresh even began teaching the adults how to operate them. He made sure that every man possessed a gun, and told them that it would be their duty to protect the women and children when the time came. David Koresh also spoke about his “New Light Message”. He believed that he could be with any woman that God blessed him with. Koresh had around 20 wives living with him in Waco, Texas. David Koresh also claimed that he was not Jesus Christ, but instead that he was filled with the same spirit that Jesus had within

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