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Everyone has a dream to become someone who changes the world yet too many never succeed. People like Billie Jean King did make an impact on half of American woman. She became a very important person in the American Literature because she fought for women’s wages to be equal to men’s, she supported women by being active in foundations and she proved men wrong with the idea of women being able to be as good as men on the tennis courts. Billie Jean King was born on November 22, 1943 in Long Beach, California. She had one younger brother and parents. King’s whole family was well known for being athletic. Her father (Bill) was offered a tryout for an NBA team before becoming a firefighter. Her mother (Betty) was a homemaker but an excellent swimmer. Her younger brother (Randy) was interested in baseball and later…show more content…
1 ranked player and self-proclaimed male racist Bobby Riggs in May 1973. Bobby Riggs believed women belonged in the kitchen and the bedroom, never on the playing field but Billie changed his perspective on that opinion. The tournament took place at Houston’s Astrodome. Millions watched the battle live on network television while others attended the match. Thousands of spectators went that day and still remains one of the best-attended match in history. Billie won Bobby in three straight sets, 6-4, 6-3, 6-3. Billie ended the last set by Bobby hitting a backhand into the net. The Battle Of The Sexes helped King to start making movement in women’s rights. She was a vocal of establishing college athletic scholarships for women through Title 15 legislation, launched the Women’s Tennis Association, Women’s Sports Magazine, the Women’s Sports Foundation, and World Team Tennis. Billie changes tennis into being an “Open Sport”. “Sports are a visual example of what the world could be; People from all sorts of backgrounds, working hard and winning”, King told Biography

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