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Accumulation of dispossession is a notion offered by David Harvey, a Marxist. This concept is essentially neoliberal ideologies and policies that were and still are present in numerous western nations from the 1970s till now. City of God is a Brazilian drama film based on a true story and was released in Brazil in 2002. This film represents and illustrates the growth of organized crime in Cidade de Deus (City of God) in the 1960s towards the beginning of the 1980s. The neoliberal ideology of accumulation of dispossession and City of God are connected because the concept of accumulation of dispossession can be seen precisely in this film, City of God. The main point of the ideology; accumulation of dispossession is that wealth, influence,…show more content…
Financialization is an aspect of Harvey’s accumulation of dispossession that relies solely and entirely on the component that board of directors of privately owned banks and corporations control the quality of money in circulation. Because they control the money in circulation, they also get to control price and demand levels. One of the main and central components and also at the heart of the accumulation by dispossession concept is the quanitity of money that is privately controlled and can be manipulated and influenced for private gain by individuals. This private control leads to restless and uneasy conditions in the population as well as can lead to and create unemployment. Management and manipulation of crises according to Harvey is that authorized corporations such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the U.S Treasury commit acts such as spontaneously raising interest rates so that it can eventually lead to the claiming of bankruptcy by poorer and developing countries. This trapping of nations and the less fortune leads to the accumulation by dispossession, again. The final aspect of Harvey’s accumulation by dispossession ideology is state redistributions. Although, commodification and/or privatization can seem to be good or profitable for the lower class, in the long term it can instead affect the economy at large negatively. State redistributions like altering tax codes so it can benefits investors vs. benefitting the lower class is a prime example of state redistributions. In the film, City of God, the people having to deal with a very unethical, dishonest and immoral police force and an out of this world weaponry and drug culture, these infamous favelas were ruled by their own guidelines, instructions and overall rules and they were a social order

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