David Brody In The Rain Analysis

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This story takes place in the 1940's , Ontario, Canada.During this time women were looked upon as second class citizens, but our character was fighting for her right spot which was equal to men and in this story her little brother Laird. She was older sister to a younger brother who was always looked more superior than her in her family eyes since he was born. So for her to be seen equal as him or any men she helped her father in the field everyday rather than stay home with her mother and do housework. She looked at housework like it was meaningless and her father work seemed much more important and which led her to work under his eyes and even though they would not talk as much but she would feel proud working outside with him then her mom…show more content…
The protagonist wants to work with her father on this fox farm, she feels pound when helping her dad . This is shown when a salesman comes to the farm when the protagonist is outside helping her father rake the grass her father introduces her as his “new hired sales man”. The protagonist was so excited that her father called her “salesman” she felt proud and houred. But little did she know her father didn't really see her as her “salesmans” he just found it cute that she loves working with him so much.The protagonist's parents throughts on gender role were very “classic and old school” they thought that man and woman jobs were very different from each other , in the way that man should be working hard to take care of there families , like shown in the story her father worked out on the fox farm making money for the family his environment belonged on the “ outside” world . While her mother working on the ”inside”world cooking and cleaning. They didn't believe it should be any other way, this is shown multiple times in the story. Like when the protagonist's mother was talking to her husband about the the protagonist and says “wait till Laird gets bigger you will have some real help”. This shows that her parents wants Larid to take to his father footsteps. The protagonist senses that her parents believe that Laird is better suited for the “ outside”

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