Social Classes In Athens Vs Sparta

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Athens and Sparta were leading cities of Ancient Greece. Although they were both close and thriving cities of the same country they were very different with only a few similarities. The social system of Athens and Sparta was similar in others, the divide of classes, and different in many ways such as the, rights of woman, making one cities society more preferable to the modern day female. The city of Athens as well as Sparta was divided into classes but there were many differenced in the structure of each cities society. In Athens to be a citizen, the more privileged inhabitants of Athens, one must be a male child of two free Athenian parents as woman held as much rights as slaves and rarely left their homes ("Two Faces of Greece"). Amongst the citizen divide there was; the higher class citizens separated into three sections, Aristocrates, small farmers, and the lower class citizens, Thetes ("Athenian Society in the Time"). Lower than the citizens was metics who were free immigrants who could not vote or own land but could trade and run businesses ("Two Faces of Greece"). The lower class was slaves whom were treated well and some given decent jobs but they had no rights ("Athenian Society in the Time"). In Sparta the society was divided into three classes, the Spartiates whom had spartiate…show more content…
The Perioci who were free immigrants, allowed to own land but not to serve in army or vote ("Two Faces of Greece"). Helots were treated like slaves; they were

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