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In the Inferno, Satan is at the bottom of the slope. This is believable because Satan is the most evil and cruel of them all. The levels go from not so bad to terrible. Dante explains Satan as frozen in ice up until the midpoint of his chest and he had one head, but three faces on that one head alone. Each head was a different color the middle face was red, the face on the right was white blended with yellow and the left face was the color black. Underneath Satan’s heads was three sets of wings that looked like bat wings. The way Dante describes Satan is different from the one everyone else would describe him. Satan is usually a red guy with one face, horns, a tail, two wings, pointy ears and a pitch fork. In the Inferno he is described very differently. He has much more features to him. For instance, in chapter 34 he describes him as having one head but three faces (Chapter 34, Lines 35-40). Dante explained the reader the way he did to fit his personality and to give the ninth circle a much more terrifying look. The ninth…show more content…
The sinner in the middle is the worst sinner out of all three of the sinners in the ninth circle (Chapter 34, Lines 55-57). The worst sinner is named Judas. Dante was only able to see his feet sticking out of Lucifer’s mouth (Chapter 34, Lines 60-63). The next two are named Cassius and Brutus (Chapter 34, Lines 64-67). Cassius and Brutus are the second and third worst in the ninth circle because during the Roman Empire times both Cassius and Brutus were traitors by assassinating Julius Caesar and betraying God (Chapter 34, Lines 75-85). Cassius and Brutus also both wanted to make sure several people got killed before the Roman Empire came around. Dante chose these people because they did not care about anyone else, but themselves alone. They had the worst qualities out of every single person Dante chose to be in each

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